Why buy Rolex replica watches from Any-replica-watches.com? 

1, Pictures - To be honest. Our pictures are not as professional as the other sites. But we guarantee the pictures are taken from our actual replica watches, and you will receive the same watch shown on our site. More real pictures. Lots of customers received their watches they said, the watch looks much better than pictures. 

2, Descriptions - Our replica watches descriptions are personalized. Every watch has different description. Unlike the other sites, every watch has exact description. We spend a lot of time on the descriptions, so you will know more about the item you are going to purchase.

3, Videos - To help you know more details about the items, we put videos on some of the hot sale watches. We have made videos for more than 200 replica watches 

4, Customer service - We answer all emails within 24 hours and we are on live chat from Monday - Friday 9:00 - 18:00 Hong Kong time. English speaking, Professional sales person will help you to anwer all your questions.

What currency is on your site?

The price on our site are USD. 


Before you complete your order, You can check our site top left area or sale items to see if we have a promotion or promo code.  Check out this page to find 7 ways to save money, http://anyreplicawatches-blog.com/5-ways-to-save-money-when-order-from-anyreplicawatches/


If this is your first time order from us, you normally do not have a gift certificate. There are 2 ways to earn gift certificate.

1, Please leave a us 5 star review on the product you purchased from us before. We will give you $10.00 gift certificate code for every 5 star review.

2, If you ever recommend us to your friends or others and they purchased from us. Let us know, we will offer you 10% gift certificate of what they purchased.

3, Share our website on your facebook / twitter / Pinterest / Google+then send us a screenshot, We will give you $10.00 gift certificate code for your sharing.

Do you include watch box for the watch? 

I am sorry but we do not include watch box for our watches, If you need box, please buy it separate. we have replica watch boxes for sale. 

How do you pack the watch? 

We will pack your watch in foam box and carton, very strong packing and can stand one person on the package. Please do not worry, we are experienced on packing. 

How much cost to ship to my country? 

Please try to click 'buy now', on the next page, you will be able to select shipping method, then click 'update cart', you will see exact shipping cost by different shipping methods. 

What's the best way ship to my country? 

Order less than $100.00, the best way ship to USA /UK /CANADA /FRACE /AUSTRALIA / ISRAEL is by airmail shipping. Mininum Cost $12.96 (for 2 items, and shipping will be more when you buy more, depend on the weight) and about 2 weeks to delivery. Other countries about 20-30 days to delivery. 

More than $100.00, UK/ USA / ITALY / MEXICO / DENMARK / NETHERLAND / HOLLAND etc is by DHL.Australia, Canada, Singapore, Greece suggested by EMS. 

Germany the best way and the only way we will ship is by airmail. We will hide your watch inside a plastic alarm clock to avoid customs. It takes about 20-30 days to delivery. but safe.

EMS and airmail to most countries. 

How long to ship to my country? (Please Click here to see shipping methods)

We can ship to Worldwide, All orders takes about 72 Hours to process( not include weekends), Shipping by Express(EMS) takes about 5-8 days to USA, Canada, Australia etc. Mexico, Egypt, APO address etc takes about 20 days.  Airmail takes about 15-30 days.  DHL takes about 4-5 days. ( Netherlands, UK, Italy, Belgium, Mexico best way by DHL)

Do you accept Paypal?  

I am sorry, we can not accept Paypal. Only Credit cards. 

What payment do you accept?

We accept Visa / Master card payment, W estern U nion and M oney G ram. 

Warranty and repairs 

Every watch we guarantee for 1-year. Swiss watches 2-years. Under warranty repair for free. and lift time repair service. Over warranty period, we will need to charge you to fix your watch.  

What quality do you have on your replicas?

 We only sell high quality replica watches. All steel watches are using 316L steel. No such 440L or 904L Steel. No one use 440L on Replicas. What we have are the best you can find. If others state 440 or other, that's a lie. 

How do I leave a review? 

Please go to the product page you purchased, scroll down to bottom page, Click 'submit review' or 'create a review' to log in and submit your review. 

How do I set the time?

In order to set time you will have to turn button in anti-clockwise direction, if your timepiece is a crew-in lock watch. The button must be pulled out a little bit very softly. This can be easily done with your first and second finger. Use finger knuckle as a lever to pull the button out. Use as little force as possible. You will feel a little “click”. After you have done this, set the time by turning the button anti-clockwise. Turn the minute-hour hands forward until you set the right time. After this push the button back by turning it clockwise for a few rounds.

What is Mingzhu Movement and Swiss movement?

Mingzhu automatic movement is the best Asian movement in most of replica watches. Made in China, 21600bph (Beats Per Hour). 21 Jewel.

Swiss ETA automatic movement is the best Swiss movement we can put in replica watches. Made in Switzerland. 28800bph (Beats Per Hour). 25 Jewel. Rolex put the same Swiss ETA movement in their Tudor watches. That's why Swiss movement watches are expensive. 

What is the difference between Mingzhu movement and Japan movement? 

Mingzhu is the best Asian Automatic movement. With smooth sweeping second hand. Operate by manual winding and movement. 

Japan movement is the best quartz movement. With tick second hand. Operate by battery. Miyota is Japan quartz movement.  

More about movements, please check our blog: http://anyreplicawatches-blog.com/movements-in-replica-watches-faq/ 

How do I change the date?

You can change date very easily. If your Rolex replica watch features a screw-in button, than do the following: turn the button in anti-clockwise direction until it is loose and pull it softly using your thumb nail and your first finger nail. This must be done softly, without force. You will feel a “click”. Set the date or day and then the local. To set date, turn the button in one direction. Then push back the button and wind it clockwise for a few times. No need to lock the button.

What kind of glass do your Rolex replica watches have?

Most of our Rolex replica watches have sapphire-crystal glass, that is much more scratch-resistant than mineral glass. And other brand watches are mineral crystals. 

Are your Rolex replica watches waterproof?

Only Rolex Submariner and Deepsea watches are waterproof. Be sure to tight all the screws. We do not suggest go swimming with any replica watches. Never wear your replica watches in shower. 

Can I get my money back or can I exchange an item if I am not satisfied with its quality? (Please Click here to check detail)

Yes,You can. If you do not like the product you received or if you do not like our service, we will gladly refund the item or we can exchange the unwanted item within 7 days of arrival. Please, take into consideration that 7 days warranty covers only manufacturer’s defects. We does not take responsibility for damage that is caused by wear damage, water damage or any other kind of damage caused by the wearer. As well you should take into account that all returned replica watches pass a professional examination that allows to determine manufacturer’s defects from any other kind of damage. 


Please contact us arwcustomerservice@gmail.com BEFORE you are going to do a dispute, We will refund your money. Do not worry.